Medieval Historical Fiction I Like

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Some of these books are more historically accurate than others. I haven’t included any trigger warnings because I read some of these books a while ago and I cannot remember everything in each book. Also, I recognize that different people find different things triggering for them. If there are topics you avoid in fiction, I strongly recommend looking up each book’s trigger warnings.

Medieval Mysteries

Wine of Violence by Priscilla Royal

1270 England. After the king appoints the very young and very inexperienced Prioress Eleanor to Tyndal Priory, Eleanor has her work cut out for her. Not only does she have to gain the respect of her new flock, but she also has to solve the mystery of a brutally murdered monk! And to make matters worse, the mysterious new priest Brother Thomas is very, very handsome. (And also very gay but Prioress Eleanor does not know that.)


Black Magic: The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Christ by Marjorie Bowen

Set in medieval Europe this gothic tale is about two students who study black magic. Dirk is extremely committed to the demonic. Theirry has his doubts. Chaos, drama, murder, and political intrigue ensues. And as an added bonus there are a lot of homoerotic undertones.