Exeter Cathedral Fall 2022

I recently visited Exeter Cathedral so I figured I would post some photos I took! These photos are in no particular order. They feature multiple different aspects of the cathedral.

Outside of Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
Inside the Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
Outside Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
Some stonework by Exeter Cathedral’s front doors—Autumn 2022
Outside Exeter Cathedral, including the Cathedral Green—Autumn 2022
A side door of Exeter Cathedral, featuring a statue of Saint George killing a dragon (and some other saints)—Autumn 2022
Part of Exeter Cathedral’s organ and the top of the choir stalls—Autumn 2022
Exeter Cathedral’s wooden medieval bishop’s chair (note how it almost touches the ceiling!)—Autumn 2022
Part of a chapel and a stained glass window in Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
Exeter Cathedral’s tomb of Walter Stapeldon, a medieval bishop of Exeter—Autumn 2022
More stained glass in the Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
One example of carved graffiti in Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022
Part of a tomb (I can’t remember whose) in Exeter Cathedral—Autumn 2022

Update 10/9/2022

As you can tell, I have not been incredibly active in the year 2022 compared to other years. A lot of stuff has happened, but I’m finally in grad school where I am doing my masters in Medieval Studies. Whoo!

This means that while I have less time to do stuff, I am finally being taught by professional medievalists instead of doing research on my own. This means I have A LOT more access to resources that are not available to anyone outside of academia. While I like to include sources on my blog that anyone can access, I will be including the more academic sources for blog posts in the future.

My plan for the upcoming months is to write what I will call “Summary Posts.”

A summary post will basically be me compiling things I’ve learned in classes without too much detail and explanation. These posts are mostly for me so I can engage with the texts more, thus giving me another opportunity to better remember what I learned. However, I think people will find them interesting. As always, I will include the sources of where I got the information.

I’m optimistic for the future of this blog!