Bare Bottom Piety! The Monks Who Wore Underwear and The Monks Who Didn’t | The Mediaeval Monk Podcast Ep. 6

Here is the YouTube link for episode 6 of my podcast, The Mediaeval Monk Podcast! Below the video are links to The Mediaeval Monk Podcast’s Spotify and Anchor pages.

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Today I talk about medieval monastic underwear! This topic was selected by my Instagram followers. (You can find me on Instagram here:

Medieval monks were already passionate people. How they reacted to being told “no” to new drawers as well as the arguments over whether or not they should even wear underwear in the first place really emphasizes this. Besides the history of monastic underwear, today’s episode also includes stories about a monk mooning his abbot (on purpose) and a monk mooning his king (accidentally).

Main Source:

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